Self care spaces

A mini getaway in your home

With days of isolation getting extended, staying within four walls and seeing the same people can get suffocating and stressful. All the activities you once did outside your home has now moved indoors. Your home is now the office, gym, local pub and spa. This blurring of boundaries can be draining on anyone’s spirits.

Let’s get you started on how to put together a self care space in your home.
Step One : Assess space and yourself

Firstly, try to understand what your mind space is like. Did you have any goals set early this year? Are there any hobbies that you have been meaning to try? Of course, being able to do even basic chores during this time could be difficult for some. So instead of expecting this time to be all about peak productivity, why not use it to love yourself more, slow down and self heal.

While we fully understand that everybody’s situations maybe different, we encourage you to find some time to carve out a space to be alone, focus, be creative to get your mind away from the anxiety and chaos in the world right now. Help get yourself into a state of peace and productivity.

Step Two : Choose something you want to do

Find something which will help you focus on the present moment and tune out from all the noise out there. Whether it’s reading, working out, meditation, journaling or just drinking a cup of coffee.
Make a list of items you will need to create this vibe you want, but set the tone early on. This will help you stay on task. And with no avenues to shop right now, thrifting what you already own will also help you see things in a new light.

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Step Three : Make Space
Clear out a designated area in your home. Putting this space together will also give you a chance to declutter. Add a plant or two to bring it to life.

 Communicate with family/roommates the objective of this space and how you would like to stay undisturbed while in it. Extend the use of the space to rest of the family as well. Make a schedule if need be.

If you think you have more than one activity that you would like to create spaces for, nothing like it. Having boundaries at home to do certain things will give you a semblance of how you spent time outside your home. 

Here’s to self healing!