About Us

We are VAYA, a Bangalore based textile studio by Universal Textile Mills. We design, curate, and produce luxury drapery and upholstery fabrics for homes that are inspired by the sights and experiences that surround us.

Our fabrics are a contemporary story of a robust legacy. For the past fifty years, Universal Textiles have pushed the envelope to create gorgeous, decorative fabrics that reflect this rich heritage. Being in the heart of the Indian silk industry, mills like ours worked tirelessly to put the city of Bangalore on the global fashion map, and gave fierce competition to the storied artisans of Como and Prato. The delicate hand embroideries, sophisticated silk jacquards, and bold designs originating from our mill brought us into the limelight, making us one of India’s largest silk fabric exporters.

Along this journey, we have built a fantastic team of skilled weavers, artists, technicians, and operational talent. Valuing originality, ethics, and long-term sustainability, we steadily created a state of the art mill that today works with the most well-known design houses across the globe.

Nestled amongst fruit orchards, coconut trees, and acres of grasslands are our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the outskirts of Bangalore.

Carrying this legacy forward, we set up our own brand, VAYA Home, in 2018. Creating beautiful textiles for design houses around the world helped our mill establish itself and pave the way for us to build our own identity. The VAYA platform engages the budding talent that abounds in our country, and harnesses the skill and techniques that we have honed over decades to present our absolute best to the world. With a truly Indian design aesthetic — colourful, sophisticated, and reflective of a long legacy of authentic creative expressions, we look forward to delight and surprise with each new textile.