Deep clean your home

Before the monsoons hit, it’s time your home had a deep cleaning. Keeping your home germ free is less a chore and more a need right now.

Start high, go low.
First step is to declutter your surfaces. Next, start dusting off cobwebs and high surfaces, like tops of cupboards, trims, ceiling fans and start to move downwards to include shelves, tables, built-ins etc. In the end it can all be swept off the floor. Don’t forget your curtains and window panes. If you have carpets/rugs, remember to vacuum in the end.

Launder bedding and refresh the mattress
Wash bed covers, duvet cover, shams, and pillows (even down-filled). Give them an extra spin cycle so they dry faster. Send your comforters for dry cleaning. While these go for a wash, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress, let it sit for an hour, then vacuum it up using the hose attachment. Flip the mattress and repeat.

Clean in and around appliances
Empty your fridge and hit the defrost button. While that happens, soak all the removable compartments in soap water and give them a good scrub. After it defrosts, wipe down the insides and other compartments. Do the same for the dishwasher and other movable appliances. If possible, pull them out from the wall to clean around their resting area and surrounding walls too.

Polish cabinets
Empty out the shelves and wipe exposed surfaces, then cut out newspapers to fit the entire shelf. Next time, all you have to do is replace with fresh newspaper cutouts. Disinfect knobs, handles and anywhere you tend to access often. With a microfibre cloth and suitable disinfectant, wipe down all cabinet doors.

Wash shower curtain and disinfect touch points
Put your shower curtain in your trusty washing machine through a gentle cycle (check care label if doubtful). Remove the curtain before completely dry and rehang. If you have shower cubicles, get rid of water spots using a squeegee and a glycerin soap. In the end, dis-infect all knobs, handles, water faucets that have high touch frequency.

With a lot of us staying indoors since the last few weeks, our homes have taken on multiple roles to accommodate work, workouts, leisure and so much more. So to keep your home germ free and healthy, it is best to do a deep clean as often as possible.