What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment by debit card, credit card and netbanking if you have an Indian bank account.
Can I change my Billing/Shipping address?
You can change your billing and shipping address in your account.
When will I receive my order confirmation?
You will receive your order confirmation instantly.
How can I track my shipment?
We will share your tracking details on the order status page.
Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order only before it has been shipped. We cannot accept cancelations once the order is shipped.

What is the returns policy?
We do not accept returns unless the fabric that you have received is damaged.
Will I get a credit note? How can I use it?
You will receive a credit note once we receive the returned fabric from you. For this, you will get a full refund for your order.

When will my credit card be charged?
Your card will be charged when you place your order through our secure payment gateway.
How long does it take to ship my order?
Your order will be shipped either the same day or the next day. Typically you will receive your order in 4-5 working days.
Who are the delivery partners?
We are partnered with the SM Courier for all our deliveries.
What is the returns procedure?
In case you want to return a damaged fabric, you can send it through any courier company of your choice.
Can I ship to a P.O Box?
We do not have the facility to ship to a PO Box.
Do you have International shipping?
Currently we do not offer international shipping through the website. However, if you are an international customer, you can contact us directly on sales@vayahome.com and we will be able to guide you from there.
Do you have a minimum order quantity for shipping?
Our minimum order quantity is 1 metre per SKU.
How can I contact customer service?
You can contact us on +91-80-27820020 or email us at sales@vayahome.com

What is your Privacy policy? How is my information used?
Your information is confidential and we do not share it with anyone.
Who should I contact if I have problems with my order?
You can email us on sales@vayahome.com and someone from our sales team will get in touch with you.
What if the item I have ordered is out of stock?
We will give you a lead time for production of the fabric. If it is unsuitable to you then you can cancel the order or change the selection.